Flash-Mob Marriage Proposal in Downtown Disney


This might just be the most heartwarming video ever made. Jamin Love and Valerie were dating for five and a half years and were both students at Marvels Dance Company in south-east LA, California. Jamin decided to create a small ‘flashmob’ of Jamin and Valerie’s friends in possibly the most beautiful marriage proposal ever;

Flash-Mob Marriage Proposal in Downtown DisneyThe dance starts seemingly inconspicuous with two exceptionally good dancers. Clearly the Marvels Dance School must have an incredible choreographer, as well as great dancers. The second group to dance are clearly better friends with the bride-to-be as she is immediately blown away when then start dancing.

This was definitely no amateur production and the moves were tight, so it is hard to imagine how long it took them all to perfect the routine. As for Valerie, well she was just an innocent bystander with Jamin just watching their friends perform at Downtown Disney. It is clear she had no idea what was about to happen, not even when Jamin leapt forward and joined in the routine. When the song started repeating the lyrics “Just say I do” and Jamin got down on one knee with the ring to propose and Valerie finally realized what was going on, although I could bet she was wondering after her fiance started dancing.