Frozen Niagara Falls Is Now Drawing Tourists From Around The World


frozen niagra falls

Several weeks of truly bitter cold in the Niagra Falls region has done the unthinkable…the falls have completely frozen over.

Thousands of visitors are now coming to marvel at the breath-taking glacial buildup and mist-encased trees that seem to have been sculpted from magical snow.

It spite of the magical frozen falls, the Niagara River is actually still flowing underneath the newly formed ice castle.

frozen niagra falls2

Forecasters say there will be plenty of time to witness the sight, as nothing even resembling a warmup is anywhere on the horizon for the upstate New York region.

If you take the trip to Niagra Falls, you also need to visit Letchworth State Park, which is about 80 miles north, to catch a glimpse of a 50-foot high “ice volcano” that has formed around a geyser.

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