50,000+ Baseball Fans From Around The World Are Descending on Upstate New York


national-baseball-hall-of-fameThis weekend, dozens of baseball legends will be descending on Cooperstown, coming from around the world, to what many experts consider one of the most significant Hall of Fame inductions in the history of baseball. In addition to the new inductions, the Baseball Hall of Fame itself will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, Don Mattingly, Lee Smith, and Alan Trammell will be just some of the new inductions and extensions that will be taking place this during this weekend.

People from as far away as Florida and California will be part of the estimated 50,000 fans attending this weekend.

Main Street businesses make about 20 percent of their yearly revenue this weekend. And with so many living inductees in the lineup, fans want to be prepared with memorabilia to have signed.

Fans make sure they have targeted memorabilia (according to who will be present) with them at all times, they don’t want to miss their chance for a priceless autograph.

In addition to sports shops, hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in Syracuse and Binghamton are expecting unprecedented revenue this weekend.