9 Foot Gator Broke Onto Mt. Pleasant Family’s Back Porch


A Charleston-area couple had a rude awakening on Easter morning. They heard some loud commossion on their back porch and at first they thought a robber might be trying to break in. Instead they came face-to-face with a 9-foot 200+ lb hungry alligator.

“I knocked on the door, and sure enough it was a live gator,” Steve Polston told WCBD.

A worker from the US Department of Natural Resources quickly drove to the home to relocate the large gator. He estimated the creature to be about 60 years old.

The worker estimated that the gator climbed 15-foot staircase, break through a screen, climb through a doorway, and then push furniture out of the way.

He said this kind of activity isn’t abnormal this time of year as gators are now coming out of hibernation and into warmer waters.