Charleston Buzzes with Talk of Mysterious UFO Sighting Caught on Video


Social media was abuzz with excitement and curiosity following a post by local resident Justin G, who shared what he believed to be a UFO sighting just outside Charleston, SC.

Justin’s post included a nearly minute long video of an extremely bright light that seemingly hovered and blinked in midair: “Doesn’t look like a plane to me, although there was one after this. Thoughts?? What is this?”

Justin G further questioned the nature of the object, asking, “Not a plane right?” This prompted a mix of responses from the online community. Joshua Crawford, another user, cautiously replied, “Could be,” leaving room for interpretation.

The post caught the eye of Matthew Dean, who commented, “I live in the Charleston area and saw something very similar last weekend.” This revelation added to the intrigue, suggesting that the sighting might not have been an isolated incident. Justin G eagerly asked if it was the same object, to which there was no immediate confirmation.

Juls, another local, chimed in with a simple yet telling, “Interesting…” Her comment reflected the growing curiosity among Charleston residents.

Justin G, convinced of his sighting, asserted, “Def interesting 100% a UFO,” which seemed to resonate with some members of the community.

The conversation took a more personal turn when user K😇 asked, “Is this my house it’s hovering over?” This prompted Justin G to inquire if K😇 had also witnessed the phenomenon. K😇 replied affirmatively, noting, “I did see this last summer,” suggesting that similar occurrences might have happened before.

The thread, filled with speculation and shared experiences, has left many in the Charleston community wondering about the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors and if this latest sighting is related to the 3 other UFO sightings from this past fall.

While some remain skeptical, others are convinced that what they saw was beyond ordinary explanation. The sighting has sparked a local interest in skywatching, with residents keeping an eye out for more unusual aerial phenomena.

As of now, there has been no official explanation for the sighting, leaving the mystery of the Charleston skies unsolved.

What do you think the light was?