Charleston’s Digital Graffiti: A Playful Protest Against the Crosstown Cell Tower


The Septima P. Clark Parkway is buzzing with digital creativity!

A few innovative Charleston locals, armed with a drone, a generator, and a massive Sony projector (as big as a leatherback sea turtle!) united by their shared distaste for the cell tower owned by SBA Communications Corp. Their mission was to voice their opinion on the tower that suddenly appeared on the Parkway, also known as the Crosstown.

Artists Seth Abramson, Gavin Perry, and Stu White have transformed the stark white cell tower on Charleston’s Crosstown into a canvas for their vibrant digital graffiti. Using playful images, many humorously themed around toilets, they’re making a cheeky statement against the tower’s design, which many say resembles a stack of toilet paper.

This isn’t Abramson’s first rodeo. Two years ago, he cheekily critiqued the Charleston Tech Center’s aesthetics. As a new media artist, Abramson is part of a dynamic genre that blends art with digital techniques. Think of the likes of Mike Winkelmann, the multi-millionaire artist known as Beeple, who also calls Charleston home.

What do you think about the digital art and the tower?