Chesapeake Developers Approve Massive New Projects That Will Add 600+ Homes


chesapeak redevelopmentOver 200 acres from agricultural land in Chesapeake may soon be bulldozed to make room for over 600 homes and retail shops.

This past Wednesday night, the Chesapeake planning commission approved the developments in the south-west part of the city.

It would be a stark change for residents who are used to sprawling land and spread-out houses, and it would also bring even more strain on an already crowded school system, as well as increased traffic on the roads.

The primary development that was approved is Estates of Hickory, with 330 homes and nearly 300 condos, they will range in price from $250,000 to $550,000.

The development would be divided into two parcels, according to the project’s application. Each one would have a clubhouse, pool and trails. Plans also call for a recreational center on the larger portion.

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