Bluefield Residents Find Nasty Surprise In Their Biscuits


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis past week, local Bluefield residents sat down to enjoy some lunch when they were greeted by a truly nasty surprise. When the biscuits were opened, the inside was covered in a bluish/green colored substance.

The unlucky dining guests were the students of Bluefield Middle school, and there was a number of students who received the discolored biscuits.

One mother of a Bluefield Middle student provided photos to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, describing the biscuit as being moldy in appearance.

It turns out that the biscuits’ color was the result of a chemical reaction in their foil wrappers, at least, according to the officials at the school.

School officials also noted that it was not a food safety issue, but rather, it was simply a food quality issue.



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