CMS Is Now Using Craigslist To Find Teachers


CMS is now asking experienced teachers to join their “innovative educational transformation efforts”, and they can receive up to $67,000 per year for their efforts (although the average CMS teacher is only makes $40k – which is 12% below the national average).

The school district has been leveraging its “opportunity culture” initiative, which allows teachers to make extra money by taking a leadership position in the school while remaining in the classroom. This dramatically increases the top salary the district can advertise to potential new teachers.

These new ads are currently being posted on several New York City job sections of Craigslist in order to recruit new for some of Charlotte’s hardest-to-staff, and most turnover laden schools.

Check out the full ad on Craigslist here. If you’re looking for another job in the Charlotte region, you can browse all job openings around the Queen City here.

cms teachers on craigslist

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