Community Rallies to Rescue Stolen Dinosaur from Goose Creek Business


A Goose Creek that brought the Mesozoic era back to life is now asking for the public’s help in finding missing dinosaurs.

On Friday Don Meadows, the owner of Dino-Ventures, encountered a significant loss when his work trailer, containing the animatronic dinosaur named Rory, was stolen.

The stolen trailer, easily identifiable by its white color and adorned with the Dino-Ventures logo, stands 7-feet tall.

In response to this unfortunate event, Crosswind Farm Mobile Petting Zoo is rallying the community to support Meadows.

They are organizing a fundraising event aimed at helping Dino-Ventures recover from this loss.

The event is set to take place on March 2, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., offering a chance for the neighborhood to come together in support of Meadows and his beloved dinosaur-themed venture.