Free Dental Clinic Coming To Rock Hill – Expected to Help Thousands


free-dental-clinic-rock-hillThis coming Friday and Saturday (8/8, 8/9), thousands in York, Chester and Lancaster counties may finally be able to get that perfect smile they’ve always wanted. South Carolina Dental Association and an army of volunteers will be holding the first ever Dental Access Day in the York County area.

The even will be primarily sponsored by Delta Dental, with organizational oversight provided by the SC Dental Association. Since Dental Access Days first began in South Carolina in 2009, the free clinics held throughout the state have provided more than 7,500 adults and a total of over $3.3 million in free dental procedures.

Dental Access Day are especially important in today’s economy, because unlike other healthcare, there’s no emergency room for teeth. Hundreds go the the emergency room at Piedmont Medical Center every month for dental-related issues and are not able to be treated.

This new clinic in Rock Hill is a first step toward providing community-wide dental care, he said, and shows that the community is ready to step up to help others with this problem.

At other Dental Access Days in South Carolina, people have begun showing up in the early hours of the morning to get in line for the free care. Organizers advise that people could spend all day in line while waiting to see the hundreds of clinical volunteers who will be available, all of whom are trained dentists or hygienists who have given their time.

Patients will have the ability to have free X-rays taken and be evaluated, then will receive one treatment, like a professional cleaning, an extraction or restorative care.

Dentures will not be provided and no services are available for children under age 18.

All patients will get free dental supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss.

Friday and Saturday’s clinic, which will be held at the First Baptist Church in Rock Hill, is expected to see 1,500 patients from the area greater Rock Hill area.

For more information, visit or call 803-327-1910