Fresno Man Rewarded After Returning $125,000 That Fell From Armored Truck


man-finds-cash-in-fresnoA man in Fesno was just rewarded for one of the craziest things imaginable. Joe Cornell, a Salvation Army worker, found a bag containing $125,000 in cash that fell armor truck, then returned all of it, all $125,000 in cash!

Cornell found the cash Tuesday after a Brinks armored truck began to speed away from a red light in Fresno, near a Salvation Army lot on Ventura Avenue, next to the Highway 41 overpass and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks. The truck just left the sack of cash sitting there for anyone to run off with it.

He commented that he started crying and shaking after finding the money. He said that he decided to report the money to police after thinking of his coming grandchild.

fresno-man-finds-bag-of-cashThe 52-year-old Cornell is in a Salvation Army substance-abuse rehabilitation program. A few of his duties for the Salvation Army organization include working on fixing up trailers that have been donated to the organization.

A spokesman for Brinks Armored Carriers, Ed Cunningham, commented that he isn’t sure how the truck lost the money, and called the incident a security issue.

The company will give Cornell a $5,000 reward and make a separate $5,000 donation to the Salvation Army.

Does that seem a little low?



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