Goodbye Traffic Headaches: Johns Island Welcomes New Roadway Solution


Leaders in Charleston County have been actively addressing the issue of traffic congestion on Johns Island, particularly around the Maybank Highway project. Their efforts are set to pay off, as travel in this area is expected to become significantly smoother.

Since 2004, the county has embarked on a series of improvement projects for Maybank Highway, with the third and concluding phase nearing completion. A key component of this initiative is Pitchfork Road, which links Fenwick Hall Alle to River Road, offering a viable alternative to Maybank Highway.

The introduction of Pitchfork Road is particularly beneficial for motorists commuting between James Island and Johns Island, allowing them to avoid the traffic signal at the intersection of Maybank Highway and River Road. This new route is also advantageous for traffic moving in the reverse direction, providing an additional option for reaching James Island. Pitchfork Road is scheduled to open to the public on the afternoon of March 25, and county officials are encouraging its use.

The construction of Pitchfork Road, which began in 2022, marks a significant milestone in the county’s transportation infrastructure development. To celebrate this achievement, a ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for March 25, symbolizing the official inauguration of the road. This development is a testament to Charleston County’s commitment to improving traffic flow and enhancing the overall commuting experience for its residents.