Legendary Dolly Llama Coming To Charleston This Summer


This summer, Charleston will finally welcome the arrival of The Dolly Llama, a renowned waffle and ice cream brand that has captured hearts elsewhere.

Founded in 2017 by Samuel Baroux and Eric Shomof, The Dolly Llama’s unique inspiration stemmed from a real-life encounter with Dolly, a llama in the South of France. This lively encounter led to Dolly becoming the beloved mascot for their delectable ice cream and waffle creations.

While the exact location in Charleston has yet to be disclosed, anticipation is high for the grand debut of The Dolly Llama. Known for their imaginative approach to desserts, The Dolly Llama promises a delightful menu featuring decadent milkshakes, bubble waffles, and an array of enticing toppings.

Stay tuned for further updates and details on The Dolly Llama’s highly anticipated opening in Charleston.