Keep Your iPhone Photos Safe From Future Hacks


keep-your-iphone-photos-safeA huge number of nude celebrity photos have just been leaked all over the internet, as well as many private photos from more ‘average’ iPhone users across the world.

There was a major bug in Apple’s iCloud ( the system that automatically backs up all of your personal data and pictures), that led to all the leaked photos and other information.

At this point, if you are using an iPhone, you should take the time to ensure that your photos are safe from any future iCloud hacks;

#1 Remove everything from iCloud

If the photos you take on your iPhone are automatically uploading to iCloud, they could be at risk. Here’s how to stop that from happening.


#2 Click on ‘Photos’




#3 Switch Off Photo Streaming and Sharing



#4 Delete iPhone Photos You Don’t Want Hacked

For most iPhone users (and all iPhone 6 users) photos were uploaded to iCloud automatically. Before you start to feel safe, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t have anything incriminating in your Photo Stream – or anything you don’t want to be publicly displayed all over the internet.


With the new iPhone 6 now here, it is even more crucial that you protect your photos. Apple will be integrating even more open sharing features into the new iPhone 6.

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