Louisville Slugger Has Just Been Sold To Wilson Sporting Goods For $70 Million


louisville sluggar sold to wilsonChicago-based Wilson Sporting Goods has just announced the purchase of the Slugger brand from Hillerich & Bradsby Co. The sale will give Wilson full ownership of the global brand, as well as all sales and innovation rights to the iconic wooden bat.

H&B will remain as the exclusive manufacturer of Louisville Slugger-branded bats for Wilson. The Slugger bats will continue to be produced at Louisville’s historic Main Street factory, and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory and Gift Shop will also continue to operate and grow.

Wilson Sporting Goods has vowed to keep the Louisville Slugger brand separate and has pledged to boost research and technology initiatives for all of its products. They are even hoping to expand operations in the future and increasing hiring in the Louisville factory and museum.

To browse all available jobs in the Louisville area click here.

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