Mercer County Is Rallying The City For A Historic 40-Day Litter Blitz


dsfsdfsdsdfMercer County is rallying its citizens to clean up the streets, highways, and parks of the region. They will be launching a historic 40-day litter cleanup campaign starting on Friday, March 20th and going to April 30th.

They will be calling the regional blitz, “Love Where You Live — Keep Mercer Clean”. It will asking citizens to adopt a location, highway, or street during the campaign.

The counties ultimate goal is to instill recycling and litter pick-up habits for its citizens.

The regional blitz will incorporate portable dumpsters, free dumping days at the Mercer County Landfill, a free tire disposal program, community and civic involvement, and an educational component for area school children.

If you’d like to get involved you can contact Mercer County at 304-487-8306

Or you can follow the movement on Facebook at or on Twitter @keepmercerclean

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