New Orleans Saints Sign On 40 Year Old Mother as New Cheerleader


2014-Saints-Cheerleader-Kriste-LewisKriste Lewis is now officially the newest addition to the New Orleans Saints cheerleading team, and she has officially broke any typical stereotypes of who a professional cheerleader has to be.

She has just turned 40-years-old and is a mom for her two sons, one 11 and the other 14. Kriste is seasoned dance instructor and decided to reach for her dream upon turning 40 when she tried out for the New Orleans Saintsations.

In addition to the obsticals of being a mother, Kriste was recently diagnosed with polysistic kidney disease, making the fact that she overcame the adversity and made the team all the more inspiring.

Kriste Lewis is now looking forward to making her NFL debut at the Saints’ home opener at the Superdome in September.

In the meantime, she’s been practicing daily and enjoying the overwhelming support of her sons, Jake and Rob, and husband, Tim.

More than anything, she wants to serve as an inspiration to others, especially moms, to never give up on their dreams.

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