Jimmy Fallon Finds Out That He Totally Had a Chance With Nicole Kidman


Can you imagine if Nicole Kidman had married Jimmy Fallon? Apparently it was a very real possibility. The two publicly announce their romance for the first time on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

jimmy fallon-nicole kidman- secret romanceOn the show Fallon was telling the story of when he bought fancy cheese for what he thought was a professional meeting with Kidman, their mutual friend set up the meeting, and Fallon was thinking it was a professional meeting, but Kidman had other plans.

Once he began to realize what she was really there for, he was utterly speechless. Half-way through the show, a dumbfounded, ‘I had a chance with Nicole Kidman‘ look slowly spreads across his face. Watch Kidman shrug like, Yes, America, I showed up at Jimmy Fallon’s dirty apartment to flirt and he ignored me and played video games instead.