A Picture Has More Impact Than Just 1,000 Words


We don’t want to take your picture, we want to give it to you. This is the motto of the organization Help-Portrait, a group of photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists who use their talents to give back to those in need. Celebrity photographer, Jeremy Cowart, native of Nashville, TN, started Help-Portrait in 2008, and since then it has become an international event. Every December volunteers find people in need, pamper them, take their photograph and print it out all for free. Most of the time, people who attend these events have never had their portrait taken professionally.

Yesterday Help-Portrait held one of their many events in Nashville, TN, in which 160 professionals volunteered and over 620 people participated. Local community organizations, such as Nashville Rescue Mission, Mending Hearts and Cameron College Prep, also volunteered to help spread the word about the event.

Adults and children would each get a makeover, haircut, wardrobe changes, and even lunch and pictures with Santa. At the end of this process, a professional photographer would take a portrait of each individual and print the photograph for free.

“We see a lot of transformation happen,” Cowart said. “One lady was just in tears saying, ‘This is the greatest Christmas gift I’ve ever received.’ ”

For more information about Help-Portrait, or to participate in one of their events, visit their website.