Princeton Residents Are Raising $800,000 To Renovate The City


princeton rennaissance projectA faithful servant, Betty Sheridan, has fully committed herself to the Princeton Renaissance Project. She is now officially the volunteer coordinator for the new movement.

The entire restoration budget for a new Princeton WV is now set at $800,000.

“They’re trying to make downtown Princeton a place where not only are you willing to open a business, but a business is going to be successful,” Betty’s husband Ed Sheridan commented.

Princeton Renaissance’s current focus is gutting out the old theater in Princeton in order to re-launch it as a family oriented theater.

By 2016, the vision is to have a new vibrant downtown environment that inspires a sense of pride and renewal, where community members are engaged, active, and excited.

Currently, there are several other projects in process, including the restoration of the historic Lavon Theater (formally The Royal Theatre), a multi-wall mural project, a community garden and more.

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