Proposed High-Density 300-Acre Development at Old St. George Country Club Sparks Debate


The Dorchester County Council is currently evaluating a significant development proposal in the Charleston area, which includes a plan to rezone 300 acres of land in St. George, previously home to the St. George Country Club.

This rezoning proposal aims to transform the area into a high-density residential neighborhood, shifting from its current agricultural zoning. Under the current zoning, the land permits the construction of homes on one-acre plots. However, the developer is proposing a change to allow for more compact housing on one-third acre plots, while also committing to preserving green spaces.

According to the Dorchester County planning board, the large scale proposal will first be reviewed at the committee level, then a public hearing will take place at the St. George chambers. The date for this hearing will be announced and posted 15 days in advance, providing an opportunity for public input and discussion on the proposed development.