Self-Concept and Its Interior Motives


Optimism-HarryTruman-self-conceptVolumes have been written about self-concept in all its forms. The bottom line is: you are not stuck with the innate view of self you were born with—there are no limits. So what if you were born with a “glass half empty” perspective? So what if you’ve developed fears and self-loathing during a painful childhood? So what if your apparent failures have left you in a desperate spot in life? So what? It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I can see the potential in you. I can see that you are the most magnificent creation ever to grace the earth and that change is possible for you no matter where you’ve been or how long you camped out there. You, alone, hold the “power” and it’s about time you took charge!

It would be annoying as all get out to have someone else holding the remote control to your thoughts. What if they could just scramble through the channels, pausing wherever they see fit and jumping back and forth during the good parts? Frustrating, right? Well, in some ways you’ve given that control over to others and are letting this very thing occur. Just when you think you’re getting to the good part, static and then an entirely different program shows up and you know nothing of the plot or characters. Grrrr. How does one deal with this senseless and spastic flitting through the channels? Um, you take the remote away from the irresponsible wretch pounding on the buttons!

There is a wonderful version of you just waiting in the wings for her chance to shine. This edition is much more sensitive to those things that really matter: Things like sense of humor and personal responsibility, gratitude and kindness, patience and optimism. The traits that really make a difference in the world are much more easily achieved than wealth, fame or even good looks. The car you drive, the stores you frequent, the acquaintances you’ve accumulated—none of these provides lasting security about being good enough.

So, take an inventory of your characteristics and applaud yourself as if those were someone else’s traits. Pledge to be gentler with yourself and become more mindful of your self-talk.  It is a conversation with the universe.  Begin the journey today of reinventing yourself and giving credit where credit is due. After all, it really is an “inside” job.