Seth Rogen and James Franco’s shocking respond to Sony hacking scandal


The recent Sony hack by the North Korea government, and subsequent terrorist threats have finally caused Sony to pull the movie from all the theaters.

Sony initially refused all demands and threats, even in spite of the leaked emails and data from many of Sony’s affiliates and executives regarding their private correspondence (often damning and exposing), which have been revealed to the masses. However, after North Korea threatened “9/11-style bombings” of theaters pushed Sony over they edge, and yesterday, they pulled the movie.

Writers and stars of The Interview Seth Rogen and James Franco have spoken out about the Sony hacking scandal, and criticise the media’s response to the situation, and remarked on Sony’s decisions;


At first, Franco and Rogen were responding only with humour, clearly not wanting to give the hackers more power over the situation.

But the leaked material has now made Hollywood feel unsafe; in fact, The Wrap is reporting that Sony has reverted to using fax machines and landline phones to communicate.

During an appearance on ABC News, Franco and Rogen addressed the issue in a much more serious matter:






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