South Carolina Faces Urgent Need for Foster Parents to Support Teenagers


South Carolina is currently experiencing a critical shortage of foster parents, with a pressing demand for those willing to care for teenagers. Recent reports have highlighted the plight of children, particularly adolescents, awaiting foster care placement, some of whom have been found sleeping in the offices of the Sumter County Department of Social Services (DSS). Despite recent inspections by the Sumter Fire Department revealing no children in the DSS office over the past weekend, the need for foster homes remains acute.

The state’s foster care system is grappling with challenges, including mental health issues among youth and the impacts of social media, making the need for group homes and foster parents for teenagers more pronounced than ever. Of the 3,475 young people in foster care in South Carolina, approximately 33%, or just over 1,100, are aged between 13 and 17. However, many available foster homes prefer to take in younger children, leaving a gap in suitable placements for teenagers.

Prospective foster parents are urged to consider opening their homes to teenagers in need. Those interested in making a difference in the lives of these young individuals can learn more about the qualifications and process for becoming a foster parent by visiting The process includes legal requirements such as an FBI fingerprint background check, alongside other criteria that assess a candidate’s suitability for fostering.

This call to action seeks compassionate individuals with the capacity to provide a nurturing environment for teenagers, addressing a significant and growing need within the state’s foster care system.

If you’re interested in helping, you can find out more at