The 7 Best Episodes of NBC’s Community


7-best-episodes-of-nbc-communityIn some of the most shocking news all year, NBC has decided to finally drop its insanely popular cult comedy Community, officially ending its network TV run at five seasons. The NBC comedy Community, has maintained a crazy loyal fan following for a reason; its unique blend of character-driven humor and thought-provoking commentary puts it in a totally different class from any other half-hour comedy series currently airing on television.

Community began in 2010 to little fanfare, but since then, showrunner Dan Harmon and his talented writing staff have taken risks with their show that have transformed it from a standard sitcom into a heartwarming, hilarious, complex and frequently brilliant comedy that stands tall among current shows, and might even leave a legacy that will be remembered for decades to come.

In a tribute to what might be remembered as one of the greatest shows in history, I present to you the top 7 episodes of Community;

#1 Regional Holiday Music (Season 3, Ep 10)


#2 Digital Estate Planning (Season 3, Ep 20)


#3 Basic Lupine Urology (Season 3, Ep 17)


#4 Contemporary American Poultry (Season 1, Ep 21)


#5 A Fistful of Paintballs (Season 2, Ep 23)


#6 Epidemiology (Season 2, Ep 6)


#7 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Season 2, Ep 14)