The Creepiest Trail in South Carolina Takes Only The Bravest Hikers Through A Lost and Abandoned Fort


Sitting just south of Beaufort lies what could be South Carolina’s creepiest abandoned structure – Saint Helena Island’s Fort Fremont.

The site is renowned for its haunting beauty and eerie tranquility. Despite never witnessing the ravages of war, Fort Fremont is famed as one of the state’s most haunted trails, urging visitors to tread its paths not alone but with company, lest they encounter the spectral remnants of its past.

Constructed in 1899 amidst the tensions of the Spanish-American War, Fort Fremont was designed to safeguard the coastal interests. However, its legacy is shadowed not by battles with foreign powers but by a local conflict that occurred around 1910, a decade before the fort’s decommissioning. The altercation, rooted in either the illicit moonshine production or a scandalous affair involving a soldier named Frank J. Quigley, ended in tragedy. Quigley’s affair with a local’s wife led to his violent demise at the hands of Isiah Potter, marking the beginning of the fort’s haunted reputation.

Today, visitors to Fort Fremont report paranormal encounters, particularly with the spirit of Quigley, whose presence is a staple of the fort’s lore.

Additionally, the nearby Lands End Light, an unexplained phenomenon along the road, is said to be Quigley’s spirit in search of his head, lost in the fatal skirmish. This blend of natural beauty and supernatural tales makes Fort Fremont a uniquely intriguing destination for those drawn to the mysteries of the past.