Top 10 Manliest Things To Buy For Men


Father’s day is almost here! If you’re dad is one of those manly men types, or you want to buy a gag gift for a normal guy, these are for you.

Here are the top 10 manliest men things manly men can buy;

#1 Manly Diaper Bag

Manly Diaper Bag

For those dads who need to quickly alternate between carpentry and diaper changes. Check out what users are saying on

#2 Dude Wipes

manly man wipes

Real men don’t let other men use toilet paper. These are also perfect if you’re a man and you travel…and you use the bathroom while you travel. The reviews on are hilarious.

#3 Charcoal “Soap”

manliest soap ever

Real men don’t use soap. Real men use compacted charcoal and wood chips.

#4 Manly Dryer Sheets

manly dryer sheets

If you’re a man and you’re ever forced to do the laundry, you can at least maintain some dignity by using these.

#5 The Man Book

the ultimate mans book

If this culture has softened you, this book will re-instill your understanding of what a man should be.

#6 Cookbook for Men

manly cookbook

The only thing men should cook inside is stuff with bacon in it. Everything else should be grilled outside (including bacon).

#7 Manly Man’s Candle

manly candle

I’m sorry but why would anyone want this?

#8 A Sitcom For Men

manly show

In case you want a break from John Wayne movies and hunting shows, watch this.

#9 Pink Drink Camo

manly drink camo

Make a girly drink look like a burly drink – check out what users are saying about it here on

#10 The Other Cookbook for Men

manly cookbook

If you cooked all the recipes in the bacon cookbook, you can try this.