Top 5 Neighborhoods in Bakersfield Getting National Attention


bakersfield-neighborhoodsBakersfield sits in the heart of California’s central valley and is quickly becoming one of the best spots to move to in the state. It has seen some incredible growth and improvements over the past couple decades, especially in regards to its community expansions.

Here are the top five up-and-coming neighborhoods in the greater Bakersfield region;

#5 Seven Oaks

Starting off the list is the Seven Oaks master planned community in the southwest corner of Bakersfield. It features some of the best landscaping and tree-lined streets in the city with a world-class country club at the heart of the community. Amenities associated with the club include a golf course, pool, tennis courts, and restaurants. Residents also enjoy the large number of parks and walking trails. Some of the neighborhoods are gated, others are age-restricted, but overall there is a wide variety of housing options in this community. Seven Oaks is always popular with home buyers.

#4 Rio Bravo/Tuscany

To the northeast of downtown lies The Rio Bravo neighborhood. It’s a little further out, so you get a greater sense of peace and quiet, but are still a short drive into town. This neighborhood has a mix of residential and commercial but retains an overall rural feel. The northern portion of this neighborhood is in the foothills and it gives you access to a large number of trails, so it’s perfect if you like to hike, walk your dog, or do trail running. Other highlights of this neighborhood include easy access to Kern River County Park, Hart Park, and the California Living Museum.

#3 City in the Hills

Located 10 miles northeast of the Bakersfield city center is the City in the Hills neighborhood. Stunning mountain views are the hallmark of the planned community. Neighborhood amenities include a pool, tennis courts, salon, spa, theater, ballroom, and more. The neighborhood is also near the Kern River Golf Course and Rio Brave Golf Course. If rural living with access to good neighborhood amenities is important to you, then City in the Hills might be a good spot to look for your home.

#2 College Heights

College Heights takes its name from nearby Bakersfield College, a public community college. This neighborhood boasts older homes dating to the 1950s. The neighborhood has easy access to SR-178. Shopping is convenient at the nearby College Shopping Center and the Sagebrush Shopping Center. Being close the Bakersfield College also has benefits, as the college hosts activities, such as theater events, that can be enjoyed by the larger community.

#1 Belsera

And the #1 community in the greater Bakersfield area is Belsera. It’s an extremely walkable neighborhood with many nearby shops, parks, and restaurants. It also has an unmatched variety of homes and amenities set in a seemingly traditional subdivision. From well-kept two bedroom homes to sprawling four-bedroom plush homes with pools, there is a good mix of options if you are looking to buy. Homes represent a variety of architectural styles which give the neighborhood a nice visual appeal.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling in any Bakersfield community, you can find the best local real estate specialists here.




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