Voters Have Spoken: Major Changes Coming to Lowcountry Following Referendums


In yesterday’s election, voters in the Lowcountry were presented with several referendums to decide on.

In James Island, the electorate cast their votes on a proposal to increase the town council’s seats from four to six. A majority of 1,690 voters (65.82%) supported the change, while 878 voters (34.19%) opposed it. These two new council seats will be up for election in the next town vote scheduled for November 2025.

Over on the Isle of Palms, a referendum aimed at capping the number of short-term rental business licenses to 1,600 was rejected by the community. The count showed 1,389 voters (54.51%) against the measure, with 1,159 voters (45.49%) in support.

Lastly, Charleston County residents had their say on a parks and recreation department-related referendum. This measure inquired if the city should issue $70 million in bonds to fund capital improvements. The response was decisively affirmative, with 22,005 voters (80.38%) endorsing the bond issuance, compared to 5,371 voters (19.62%) who were not in favor.