Which of These 10 Pool Floats Are a Must Have This Summer?


There’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day, but what if you could relax IN the pool?

Pool floats are now becoming a top trend to take to beaches and pools across America, which of these crazy cool floats could you see yourself on this summer?

#1 Gigantic Donut Float

pool floats1

#2 Suntan Tub

pool floats2

#3 Giant Swan

pool floats3


#4 Relaxation Station

pool float4

#5 Log Flume JoustĀ 

pool float5

#6 Pizza Slice

pool float6

#7 Tropical Tahiti Float

pool float7

#8 Aqua Rocker

pool float8

#9 Baseball Glove Float

pool floats9

#10 Cabana Float

pool floats10

Do you have any friends with summer birthdays? One of these would be the perfect gift!

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