Meet Norway’s New Bike Escalator – No More Struggling Up Hills


norway's bike liftBiking to and from work can be an incredible way to save your health, money, and the environment, but if your trip involves a giant hill, you may not feel it’s worth it.

The residents of Trondheim in Norway, decided to do something about this ‘giant hill problem’. Introducing the Trampe: a bicycle escalator that pushes bike riders (as well as scooters, skateboards, strollers, etc.) up the hill, while keeping them on their chosen vehicle.

When a rider wants to use the Trampe life, they simply put their right foot on a small footplate sticking up from the slot running along the curb. The plate then pushes them up the hill, along with they’re wheels. The plates are spaced every 66 feet to allow up to six cyclists to use Trampe at once.

Trampe is the first and only bicycle escalator in the world. In 2013 it was refurbished by a French company called SKIRAIL and rebranded as a CycloCable. They are now optimistic about installing more bike escalators in cities around Europe, USA, Canada, and East Asia, put currently don’t have any cities who are willing to invest in such a new technology. The CycloCable costs around $2,800 per meter to install, and can handle ascents of up to 1,640 feet.

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