Which Team Should You Root For During The 2014 World Cup?


If you’re an American or if you hate all sports sports, you might not know which soccer (futball) team you should be rooting for in this year’s world cup. Here is a scientifically accurate flow-chart to help you determine your World Cup team alliances and for your overall growth as a human being.



who-to-root-for-2014-world-cupOnce you have your team picked, it’s time to memorize at least 2 players from that team so that you can impress your fellow Americans or sports-haters with fancy foreign names.

With the 2014 World Cup now underway, you are most likely seeing soccer being played in every bar, restaurant, department store, and home you enter.You might as well embrace it and watch some soccer for the next few weeks, considering it is the biggest sporting event on the planet. That means 66% of you will be relegated to watching inconsequential summer baseball while literally the entire universe will be transfixed on 32 countries battling it out for a lifetime of glory and riches.