Yellow-Legged Charleston Hornets: Residents Warned of New Invasive Species


hornets in charlestonThe NC Department of Agriculture is urging residents to stay alert for early-stage nests of yellow-legged Charleston hornets, an invasive species spreading across the Carolinas, including Charleston. The hornets have already been found in South Carolina and Georgia.

Native to Southeast Asia, yellow-legged hornets pose a significant threat to wild honeybees. While they are not particularly dangerous to humans, their presence can devastate local bee populations, which are crucial for pollination and ecosystem health.

According to the University of Clemson in South Carolina“The yellow-legged hornet (YLH), Vespa velutina nigrithorax, is of great concern to beekeepers worldwide. They are large enough to overpower most other insects and have an exoskeleton thick enough to ward off other stinging insects.”

Yellow-legged Charleston hornets are easily identifiable by their bright yellow legs and larger size compared to other stinging insects. Authorities advise residents to report any sightings to help manage and contain the spread of these invasive hornets.

yellow legged hornets in south carolina

Clemson officials are now urging Charleston residents who spotted a yellow-legged hornet suspect to report to