5 Things Every Hipster Can’t Live Without


Is there a person your holiday list who lives in graphic tees and beanie hats? Do they wear skinny jeans, like folk music ironically, and have a picture of a sunset as their Facebook profile pic?

You might have a hipster on your list. And we’re here to help. Here are the top 5 things that hipsters can’t live without;


#1 A Record Player


For all true music lovers and a vinyl collectors, this is one of the best record players on the market – Click here for more details on this record player on Amazon.com


#2 Fingerless Gloves 

Hipsters love these because they almost sever a purpose, they almost give warmth, but not quite – Find Out Users Commented About These Fingerless Gloves on Amazon.com


#3 Converse Sneakers

Every stylish hipster needs a pair of the Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers by Converse – Check them out different sizes and colors on Amazon.com


#4 A Bicycle

The hipster’s preferred method of transportation is the bicycle, the more retro-looking, the better. Bikes can go on sidewalk, road, and grass. They are clean and extremely affordable modes of travel, but also are reliable and just fun to ride. The hipster does not ride just any bicycle. Hipsters must go to thrift stores, good wills, and a plethora of different garage sales in order to find the bike with just enough rust, retro styling, and personality – Check out this awesome hipster Bicycle on Amazon.com


#5 Retro Headphones


Earbuds are overly ordinary. Why get boring headphones when you can get in-your-face vintage ones like these Panasonic Old School Monitor Stereo Headphones… if you’re going to be a hipster, you may as well let everyone know – Retro Headphones on Amazon.com