A 1,000 Piece Chicken Reward Offered To Find New Orleans Graffiti Vandals


KY: KFC MARKS 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF CHICKEN RECIPE BY SETTING WORLD RECORD FOR LARGEST SINGLE SERVING OF FRIED CHICKENOne of the most iconic restaurant’s in New Orleans has now offered an almost insane reward for anyone willing to bring in some local graffiti vandals to Justice.

Melba’s Po-Boy has just announced it’s bounty of 1,000 pieces of fried chicken to anyone who can identify two people seen spray-painting graffiti on his restaurant. The act of vandalism happened two days ago on the morning of March 3rd.

Owner Scott Wolfe said the seemingly unusual reward was offered due to the popularity of his fried chicken and the fact that they have often sold 1,000 pieces for fundraisers, reunions and events.

Wolfe said anyone with who can give the name and location of the two vandals can send tips through Melba’s Po-Boy’s website eatatmelbas.com to claim their reward and remain anonymous.

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