Biden’s Victory in South Carolina Sets the Stage for 2024 Election


President Joe Biden secured a win in the 2024 South Carolina Democratic Primary, a key victory in a state he advocated to lead the party’s nominating calendar. He outpaced competitors such as Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, according to WLTX’s live election coverage.

Biden’s campaign focused on mobilizing Black voters, a crucial demographic for the Democratic base, in anticipation of a November rematch against former President Donald Trump. This victory follows Biden’s efforts to reorganize the Democratic primary calendar, highlighting South Carolina’s diverse electorate compared to the traditionally white early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Despite South Carolina’s Republican lean, its significant Black population played a pivotal role in Biden’s strategy. The 2020 general election saw Black voters overwhelmingly supporting Biden.

The revised primary schedule now places Nevada and Michigan early in the voting process, ahead of Super Tuesday. Despite New Hampshire’s defiance of the new DNC calendar, Biden still managed a significant win there through a write-in campaign.

South Carolina has been crucial for Biden, especially in 2020 when a major win there revived his campaign. Congressman Jim Clyburn’s endorsement was key, signaling Biden’s appeal to Black voters.

President Biden thanked South Carolina over the weekend for their support.