Charleston in Crisis: Floodwaters Cause Chaos and Closures Downtown


Cleanup efforts are underway on Monday morning following extensive flooding in various areas.

Sunday witnessed severe flash flooding and tornado warnings due to high wind gusts. The high tide, which occurred at around 11:17 AM on Sunday, combined with heavy rainfall and tidal surges, led to significant challenges.

Charleston Water System officials are urging both residents and their pets to steer clear of areas near manholes, as sanitary sewer overflows are occurring in multiple locations. Several downtown streets, including Broad, Calhoun, and Gadsden, remain closed due to the flooding.

Charleston-area schools have switched to e-learning on Monday, with county and school officials reporting widespread flooding and debris.

In McClellanville’s Silver Hill neighborhood, residents are effectively cut off after the sole road and bridge connecting them to the rest of the town and Highway 17 suffered damage from the floods. Locals are now left with no choice but to either walk or use boats to leave the area.