Charleston Police Stop Anti-Trump Protest For Protesting Without A Permit and Excessive Noise


charleston-protestsAs post-election protests have been erupting all over the country, with many turning violent, the city if Charleston is beginning to take preemptive measures to stop any escalation.

This past Saturday, over 100 people gathered at Marion Square to protest the election of Donald J. Trump, and before things were allowed to escalate, Charleston city police began writing tickets for protesting without a permit and excessive public noise.


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The city of Charleston currently has an ordinance in place that states that a permit is required for any gathering of 50 people or more. There is also another city ordinance that restricts ‘noise pollution’ for extended periods of time.

One of the protesters, who was using a megaphone, told police, “we were loud to some degree, yes, but Marion Square is a loud place during Saturdays”

Do you think the police should have stopped the protest? 



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