The Most Dangerous Jellyfish In The World Has Been Spotted At Several Charleston-Area Beaches


The most beautiful, and the most deadly jellyfish in the world is now washing up onto South Carolina beaches in droves, and many are discovering first hand that the creatures are just as dangerous dead as they are alive

Their gas-filled bulbs, or “floats,” can be as big as a basketball, with a bright purple-blue color.

Reports have been coming in of the jelly-fish washing up on several local beaches, including Hilton Head, Kiawah Island, Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island.

According to National Geographic, “The tentacles contain batteries of cells that house miniscule, hollow harpoons called nematocysts. Those barbed harpoons act like hypodermic needles, enabling the man-of-war to inject a potent mix of venom into a victim.

Anyone planning on visiting the beach over the next couple weeks is advised to bring some jellyfish sting ointment with them in case they are stung.

If you spot a Man ‘O War jellyfish, please contact the lifeguard or local police.

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