Mysterious 10-Foot Crab Washes Ashore Onto Folly Beach


Early this morning an elderly couple stumbled on something truly historic while taking their early morning stroll on Folly Beach.

A seemingly unreal 10-foot purple crab washed ashore that seemed like something from a fairytale. The couple described the creature as having pincers the size of beach umbrellas and a shell that could double as a surfboard.

The massive crustacean sparked a mix of awe and alarm as crowds gathered to marvel at its sheer size. Speculation ran rampant, with theories ranging from a genetic mutation caused by pollution to a playful prank orchestrated by mischievous marine biologists.

As photos and videos of the oversized crab circulated online, some residents took to social media to share their own close encounters, claiming to have heard it singing sea shanties and demanding buckets of melted butter.

However, marine experts quickly dispelled the rumors, confirming that Crabby Carl was, in fact, completely made up on April Fools Day.

While Crabby Carl may not be real, Folly Beach is and it’s the best time of year to visit!