Federal Government Giving Bakersfield Portion of $1.8 Billion Homeless Grant


bakersfield homelessness grantSeveral organizations throughout the Bakersfield region can now breathe a huge sigh of relief…and some are stressing out about what might become a major expansion. The federal government has just awarded 11 local anti-homelessness initiatives over $3.7 million to help those struggling in our community.

Over the entire United States, HUD announced a historic $1.8 billion campaign to delegate grants throughout the nation to support nearly 8,400 homeless housing and service programs across the country.

The $3.7 million that local Bakersfield organizations will be receiving will hopefully make a lasting dent by providing critically needed housing and support services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

This is how the money is going to be distributed locally;

  • Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault – $133,139
  • Bethany Services – Bakersfield Homeless Center – $611,307
  • California Veterans Assistance Foundation – $140,497
  • Clinica Sierra Vista – $461,779
  • Flood Bakersfield Ministries – $94,263
  • Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance – $117,643
  • Hearthstone Community Services – $437,057
  • Housing Authority of Kern County – $1,430,084
  • Kern County Mental Health – $80,409
  • Kern County Homeless Collaborative via United Way of Kern County – $37,500
  • Women’s Center High Desert – $116,606

What else do you think should be done about homelessness in our area?




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