Multiple Arrests Following Gunfire and Fights at North Charleston High School


Several gunshots and brawls were reported at North Charleston High School over the weekend during the annual Slam Fest event.

According to a police report, six off-duty officers present at the event responded after hearing claims of a firearm and a possible shot fired, although they did not hear the gunshot themselves. As they addressed the initial altercation, North Charleston Police later received additional reports of shots fired outside the school gates. This incident caused panic, prompting attendees outside the school to rush back inside for safety.

In the ensuing confusion, multiple fights broke out among the juveniles present, during which some were seen with firearms. Police and deputies from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office worked to control the situation, detaining several juveniles and placing at least five in vehicles of off-duty officers.

The police continue to investigate the incidents and search for the unknown suspect who allegedly fired the shots outside the school.