Murder of Crows Blacks-Out Skies over Bluefield


murder of crows in bluefieldA murder of crows (a ‘murder’ means a large number of crows) have been blacking out the skies in some locations around Bluefield. The rare occurrence is officially called a ‘mega-roost’, happening when crows from many different regions congregate on one location to mate and migrate together.

City Manager Dane Rideout commented, “I think it might be part of their mating. It’s just part of their migration across the United States. I think it’s more of an annoyance that it is anything. It depends on which side of the fence you’re on.”

The mega-roost is not a small problem for the city. In some locations, there have been so many crows that they blacken out the sky.

City officials have now been discussing the possibility of trying to remove or displace the massive migration, but wildlife experts haven’t offered much hope. Once the crows begin roosting in a particular spot, it’s very difficult to remove them from that area.

The biggest problems the birds pose is their excrement. In many places, it’s all over the buildings as well as every car in all the surrounding parking lots. Other cities have had some success using red-tailed hawks to attack and chase away the crows, but the numbers in Bluefield have been so much larger than ever before seen.

It seems the city may just have to let nature run its course.



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