New Company Delivers Mobile-optimized Websites in Seconds


Small business owners no longer need to pay big bucks to maintain a separate website that renders well on smartphones and tablets. One company, called DudaMobile – name from “The Dude” character from the film, The Big Lebowski – gives existing sites a mobile-friendly makeover in less than 15 seconds.

Mobile websites are no longer nice-to-have, they are an absolute must-have, argues Ray Almeda DudaMobile‘s public relations manager. When they’re on the move, consumers don’t want to have to squint into a smartphone to hunt for an address, pricing information or a contact number. According to the company, 80 percent of consumers won’t stick around if a site provides a bad experience.

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DudaMobile‘s platform came about after the company’s founders tried to navigate the Web on the original iPhone. The experience was underwhelming, leading them to “essentially envision a world where people aren’t pinching and zooming,” Almeda told Small Business Computing.

The result is a cloud-based freemium offering that automatically converts an existing website into a mobile-optimized one. A business that already has a website can make it a mobile-friendly site in seconds. “There are 5 million mobile websites on our platform,” said Almeda. For “IT-lite” small businesses, the service provides a “simple and hassle-free mobile website that’s very easy to maintain,” he added.