South Carolina Nuclear Station on High Alert Following Attack and Shots Fired


A potential terrorist attack just occurred at South Carolina’s Oconee Nuclear Station when a driver attempted to ram his car into the facility.

According to police, a driver made a forceful attempt to crash through the plant’s exit gates. The second breach attempt was momentarily stopped by a pop-up security barrier. However, the situation escalated when the driver backed up, drove down a dirt road, and confronted the security guards. In a reckless act, the individual drove through a perimeter fence, effectively leaving the nuclear facility’s grounds.

Following the escape from the plant, the driver ventured onto private property, prompting the homeowner to fire warning shots. The vehicle involved in the incident, a silver 2002 Toyota Camry with Arkansas plates, was found abandoned 19 hours later in the neighboring Pickens County.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking a 66-year-old Arkansas man as a person of interest in the incident. Despite the security breach, the Oconee Nuclear Station, which has been generating power for 50 years and houses three nuclear reactors, reported no injuries and confirmed that the facility continues to operate safely.