Summerville High School Assistant Principal Arrested for Shoving Student Against Wall


John Speer, a 55-year-old assistant principal at Summerville High School, was arrested on Monday on charges of third-degree assault and battery, according to jail records.

The incident occurred on March 19 when Speer was escorting a student to in-school suspension. According to a Summerville Police Department report, Speer pushed the student, prompting the student to tell him to stop touching him and begin recording the encounter. Speer allegedly lost his temper, attempted to grab the phone, and then shoved the student into a wall, causing the student to hit their head and injure their hand.

The student reported that Speer continued to wrestle with them and stomped on their cell phone. Speer also allegedly told the student to “stop whining,” leaving marks and a bruise on the student’s wrist.

Speer was released on a $1,087 personal recognizance bond. The school district has not yet commented on the incident.