Syracuse Will Be Tearing Down Interstate 81 Viaduct


Syracuse i81 Viaduct

The Syracuse City Council has just voted to replace i81 viaduct with a street level boulevard directly through downtown Syracuse.

Once they convince state leaders to sign off on removing the viaduct that goes through the heart of the city, they can move on to scheduling the demolition.

“This is very important to the future of our city,” Councilor Jean Kessner commented in the counsel meeting.

There have been two growing camps in regards to the aging I-81. One wants to spend millions to renovate the elevated I-81 as it stands, while the other wants to tear it down.

The first group is primarily concerned that routing trafficing traffic around the city will ruin existing businesses along I-81 and clog the city’s streets with thru traffic. The Onondaga County Legislature passed a non-binding resolution in May 2013 against replacing the viaduct with a boulevard.

The group that has been fighting to tear it down argues that it will spur urban economic growth and enhance the health of the city.

Do you think this will be a good move for the city?




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