This Girl Is Making A Fortune Selling The Softest Blankets In The World


super chunky blankets27-year-old Anna Marinenko has now changed the way we think about blankets. Through a random discovery, she stumbled on a way to knit one of the softest blankets in the world and has been amassing dedicated fans around the world.

Her Ohhio store on Etsy now has over 34,000 “admirers” — people who have favorited her shop. The store also has over 27,600 followers on Instagram and 12,600 followers on Facebook with admirers on almost every continent.



chunky wool blanket Marinenko started knitting the blankets a year ago with her hands instead of knitting needles after she found a huge spool of merino wool.

The blanket she made had gigantic magnified stitches.

Marinenko loved the aesthetic — a soft, lightweight blanket that made the knitting the focal point — and decided to order more of the yarn.

Check out some of her other styles and colors here on her Etsy page.

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