Top 21 Highest Paid Executives in Charlotte


charlotte-highest-paid-ceosMost CEOs of large public companies earn hundreds of thousands a year in salary, but once you account for the options and restricted shares included in their pay packages, their total compensation often reaches in the millions.

Charlotte is our nation’s second-largest financial hub, and the big banks tend to pay their top executives lavishly, but what might be surprising, is that only a few of our region’s highest-paid CEOs are bank executives. In addition to being the home to several global banks, Charlotte is also home to many leading retail, industrial, and energy corporations.

Here are the top 21 Greater Charlotte’s highest paid public company executives, ranked by total compensation. 

The following list only includes the income coming from one source, many executives consult or manage several companies or occupy multiple roles — take, for example, local motorsports mogul Bruton Smith, who made over $4 million in 2013 as CEO of car-dealer group Sonic Automotive, but he is also CEO of racetrack operator Speedway Motorsports Inc., which paid him an additional $1.8 million last year.

First name
Last name
Total Comp
1 Robert Niblock Lowe’s (NYSE:LOW) Chairman/CEO $18,714,193 $1,220,000
2 Thomas Montag Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) Co-COO $15,066,301 $987,500
3 Brian Moynihan Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) CEO $13,139,357 $1,454,167
4 Bruce Thompson Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) CFO $11,523,146 $850,000
5 Avi Reichental 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) President/CEO $10,898,483 $791,982
6 Jim Rogers Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) Former CEO $9,555,216 $0
7 Chris Kearney SPX Corp. (NYSE:SPW) President/CEO $8,433,283 $1,147,615
8 John Ferriola Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE) CEO $8,139,044 $900,000
9 David Roberts Carlisle Co. (NYSE:CSL) CEO $7,042,678 $1,210,000
10 Lynn Good Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) President/CEO $6,385,185 $919,167
11 Tim Belk Belk, Inc. (BB:BLKIB) CEO $5,689,930 $1,067,045
12 Howard Levine Family Dollar. (NYSE:FDO) CEO $5,452,577 $1,115,046
13 Frank Harrison III Coca-Cola Bottling (COKE) CEO $5,268,600 $903,716
14 James Ferland Babcock & Wilcox (BWC) CEO $5,267,672 $893,750
15 Bruton Smith Sonic Auto. (NYSE:SAH) CEO $4,399,988 $1,161,333
16 Stephen Macadam Enpro (NYSE:NPO) CEO $4,164,658 $825,000
17 Robert Toth Polypore. (NYSE:PPO) CEO $4,107,291 $760,000
18 David Adams Curtiss Wright. (NYSE:CW) CEO $3,671,946 $690,154
19 Thomas Dickson Harris Teeter. (NYSE:HTSI) CEO $3,518,541 $750,000
20 Tom Skains Piedmont Gas. (NYSE:PNY) CEO $3,026,703 $842,519
21 John Cato Cato Corp. (NYSE:CATO) CEO $2,915,761 $1,119,402




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